​​Armored SUVS & Pick Ups have high level ballistic protection and improved protection against IED with internal armoring. The systems are tested against cold/high climate, run-flat, water and rain testing and safe breaking range. The systems are specialized for protecting high profile individuals.

NATO BR6 and BR7 armored SUVs are designed by TIMAK for rapid intervention especially in urban warfare missions.



  • Opaque Armor

  • From B4 (NIJ IIIa) to B6 (NIJ III)

  • Transparent Areas

  • Standard EN 1063, level BR4 to BR6

  • Roof

  • From B4 (NIJ IIIa) to B6 (NIJ III)

  • Floor

  • Provides protection against two DM51 or DM61 hand grenades

  • Tires

  • Tire retention system enables punctured driving at 50 km/h




Opaque armor: Standard EN 1522, level FB6.

Transparent areas: Standard EN 1063, level BR 6 (7.62 x 51 mm).

Roof: Standard EN 1522, level FB6.

Floor: Provides protection against anti-personnel mines of detonation of two anti-personnel hand grenades per SQM detonation simultaneously (type DM51 or DM61).

Body trim: Wherever possible, armor areas in the passenger compartment are overlaid with the original OEM trim panels. Some armor panels require an adjustment to the original OEM trim panels.

Tires: Run Flat System enables 50 km/hr after puncture for more than 10 km, TYRON® Run Flat System.

Protection fuel tank: B4 level fragment protection from detonation of hand grenades under the vehicle causing projectiles and splinters has been added.

Battery protection: the engine battery is protected from projectiles and splinters up to B6 level.

Vehicle structural and pillar reinforcement: Reinforced load-bearing pillars, pillars ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, offering vehicle structural support.

Suspension: Upgraded suspension and performance systems.

Brakes: High performance slot rotors have been added to meet demands of increased weight.


High-density polyethylene sandwich materials applied, where appropriate, to opaque areas for armor weight reduction. 

High strength snap strap material added to prevent over-opening of the doors. 

Heavy-duty door hinges have been added to support armored door weight.

Steel armor: All steel panels treated with a premium rust proofing

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