Upgrade your road construction projects with TIMAK innovative Guardrail Pile Driver Machine. Designed to tackle the challenges of installing guardrails, this cutting-edge machine revolutionizes the process, ensuring enhanced safety, improved efficiency, and cost savings.

Why is this machine important? Installing guardrails along highways and roads is critical for protecting drivers and preventing accidents. However, traditional installation methods often pose several challenges. TIMAK Guardrail Pile Driver Machine is the ultimate solution to these problems, offering a range of benefits for your road construction projects.

Unparalleled Safety: Our machine enables secure and accurate installation of guardrails, ensuring maximum protection for drivers. By minimizing human error and providing precise alignment, it significantly reduces the risk of accidents and improves overall road safety.

Enhanced Efficiency: Our Guardrail Pile Driver Machine automates the installation process, boosting efficiency and productivity on your construction sites. With its advanced technology and rapid operation, you can complete projects faster, meeting deadlines without compromising quality.

Cost-Effective Solution: It delivers long-term cost savings. By reducing labor requirements and minimizing errors, it optimizes resource allocation, saving you both time and money.

Versatility: Whether you're working on flat highways, curved roads, or uneven surfaces, this versatile machine ensures seamless installation, regardless of the landscape.

Upgrade your road construction process today with our state-of-the-art Guardrail Pile Driver Machine. Ensure safety, boost efficiency, and save costs with this essential equipment. Join the industry leaders who are revolutionizing road construction and trust in our Guardrail Pile Driver Machine for exceptional results!


Vtrack Rubber Tracks

Hydraulic Hammer, INAN MAKINA (Working Weight 300 kg, 840 Joule,390-1000 beats, min)

DEUTZ diesel engine, air cooled,3 cylinders, 34 kW (HP 45.6) @2800rpm

Propotional command trough 9 levels

Hydraulic oil tank capacity 80 It and level indicator

Hydraulic oil heat exchanger

Diesel oil tank capacity 80 It and level indicator

Maximum post dimension 160x120 mm

Column inclination both transverse and longitudinal +/- 15

Maximum Post Height 2.8m

Grappling hooks for machine loading and unloading

Auxiliary coupling for attachments

Hook for pile extraction

Weight 3.2 ton

Transport dimensions 2.7x 2.0x 1.9



Automatic leveling the column

Kubota liquid cooled diesel engine, 4 cylinders, 35.9 kW (HP48.1) @2800 rpm

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