It aims to get high performance at low revs with the right auxiliary engine choice used in its superstructure. Fuel savings and a quieter working environment are provided.

The pressure on the ground can be adjusted to maximize brush life. Optionally, this pressure setting can be made from inside the cabin. It offers optional systems to reduce brush rotation speed and prevent unnecessary wear.

Garbage is moistened at the right points along the suction line to minimize ambient dust.

Motor-fan connection is preferably provided by torque converter or pressure lining.

Thanks to the flexible design, the superstructure can be easily mounted on chassis vehicles of different sizes.

Thanks to the user-friendly control panel, the operator can use the machine in a very short time.

Garbage emptying is convenient and easy thanks to its 55 degree discharge angle.

An easy-to-clean grate design has been developed, and the design of the superstructure and equipment has been made to minimize the need for maintenance.

Spare Engine Power

2500 rpm - 85 hp

Engine Type

4 cylinder, turbo diesel, water cooled

Burshing Capacity

3908 cc.

Valibre / Brushing

104 x 115 mms

Garbage Tank Capacity

Between 3 m3 - 8 m3

Side Brushes

78 cms diameter stainless steel

Middle Brush

400 mms diameter propylene peripheries

Water Tank Capacity

500 - 1800 lt.

Brushing Width

2200 mms.

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