Say goodbye to the hassle and inefficiency of traditional solar panel installation methods. With our cutting-edge Solar Pile Driver Machine, you can transform your installation process, making it faster, more cost-effective, and highly efficient.

Why is this machine important? Installing solar panels is a crucial step towards a sustainable future, but it often comes with its own set of challenges. Traditional methods involve extensive manual labor, time-consuming processes, and high costs. That's where our Solar Pile Driver Machine comes in, offering the ultimate solution to these problems.

Unmatched Efficiency: This machine is designed to streamline your installation process by automating the labor-intensive task of driving piles into the ground. With its advanced technology and precision, it dramatically reduces installation time, allowing you to complete projects in record time.

Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for excessive manual labor, TIMAK Solar Pile Driver Machine significantly reduces labor costs, making your projects more economically viable.

Increased Accuracy: Achieve impeccable precision with every pile driven into the ground. Our machine's features ensure accurate placement, resulting in a secure and stable foundation for your solar panels.

Versatility: TIMAK Solar Pile Driver Machine is compatible with various ground conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of installation sites. Whether you're working on soft soil, rocky terrain, or even uneven surfaces, this machine adapts effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

Investing in the Solar Pile Driver Machine is a game-changer for solar panel installers. It empowers you to overcome the challenges of traditional installation methods, allowing you to complete projects efficiently, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional results. Join the solar revolution today and revolutionize your installation process with TIMAK Solar Pile Driver Machine!


Vtrack Rubber Tracks

Hydraulic Hammer, INAN MAKINA (Working Weight 490 kg,1060 Joule,500-900 beats/min)

DEUTZ diesel engine, air cooled,3 cylinders, 34 kW (HP 45.6) @2800rpm

Propotional command trough 8 levels

Hydraulic oil tank capacity 80 It and level indicator

Hydraulic oil heat exchanger

Diesel oil tank capacity 80 It and level indicator

Maximum post dimension 160x120 mm

Column inclination both transverse and longitudinal +/- 15

Maximum Post Height 3.9m

Grappling hooks for machine loading and unloading

Auxiliary coupling for attachments

Hook for pile extraction

Weight 3.7 ton

Transport dimensions 3.4x 2.0x 1.9



Automatic leveling the column

Earth Auger Driller

Kubota liquid cooled diesel engine, 4 cylinders, 35.9 kW (HP48.1)@2800 rpm

Rock Driller

Steel Tracks

Hydraulic front blade for levelling or track cutting

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