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Please read this agreement carefully prior to accessing the website or using the website. By accessing the website or using the website, you are assumed to have accepted to be bound by the following terms and conditions. The exclusive right holder of the website, TIMAK SHPK may make changes in this agreement at any time and any such changes come into force when the revised agreement is posted on the website. You are accepting to review the agreement periodically in order to be informed of such changes and your continued access to the website and continued use of the website shall mean that you have definitely accepted the amended agreement. 

Unauthorized copying, reproduction, distribution or use by any other means, of photographs, videos and other visual and printed materials included in the website, for any purposes, by any methods, constitutes an offence under the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the Albanian Criminal Code, and you are hereby specifically notified that criminal proceedings shall be taken for those who commit such offences and that remedial actions shall be claimed, all measures required for the protection of intellectual and industrial labor shall be taken and all legal actions shall be pursued. 

The photographs, video images, animations, news scripts and other printed and visual materials published on the, may not be used outside the without the consent of TIMAK SHPK and may not be published, copied, distributed or additions, cancellations or any other revisions may not be made to the contents, by any means, in part or in full by any technological means, at another website or other media. Links and similar technologies may not be used without consent, the website may not be published offline in another media, either in part or in full, by offline browsers or similar methods. In case you are interested to use the contents of the website (texts, photographs, videos, animations, etc.) for non-commercial purposes, in your own virtual or visual media, you are obliged to apply with the “customer relations form” in the contact section, and obtain the approval of the related unit.


ARTICLE 1: The purpose of the agreement is, 

Between, (to be called hereafter in this agreement as WEBSITE) as one party, and you the WEBSITE user, who will use or is using this WEBSITE (to be called hereafter in this agreement as USER), to determine the terms and conditions for the use of the WEBSITE and ensure its binding force and validity.



A. The USER may not by any means download, copy, duplicate and publish on his website and/or another website or any other media, any printed and visual contents of the WEBSITE for any commercial purposes. In case any damages are incurred by the WEBSITE due to the non-compliance of the USER with this obligation, the USER accepts, declares and undertakes to compensate for these damages upon the first demand by the WEBSITE, without any further notice or warning. 

B. The illustrations, video images and other printed or visual contents in the WEBSITE may not be posted in another website for commercial purposes, and a link may not be provided without consent. In case any damages are incurred by the WEBSITE due to the non-compliance of the USER with this obligation, the USER accepts, declares and undertakes to compensate for these damages upon the first demand by the WEBSITE, without any further notice or warning. 

C. The WEBSITE may by no means be posted in any other website as frame, i-frame or in other similar ways. 

D. The USER accepts that the WEBSITE does not make any warranties that the downloadable files are free from viruses, trojans or any other codes or materials such as these that are aimed to be offensive or harmful. The prevention of such offensive and harmful codes and materials, provision of all required software and hardware requirements required for the accuracy of the data inputs-outputs and the recovery of any lost data, and their maintenance and updates are fully under the responsibility of the USER. For any losses that may be incurred by the USER or third parties due to such offensive codes or materials, data inaccuracies and losses, the WEBSITE shall not be held liable.

E. The USER accepts to have undertaken all liability and risk arising from the use of the WEBSITE. The WEBSITE is providing the website and all elements included in its contents on an “AS IS” basis, and does not make any express or implied warranties for the WEBSITE or any services, information or any element included in the contents of the website provided through the WEBSITE, or any other use of the website. The assessment of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all opinions, recommendations, services and other information and materials obtained through the WEBSITE is solely the responsibility of the USER.

F. The USER hereby undertakes the following in relation to the use of the website:

Not to violate of any applicable Albanian Republic laws, international agreements of the laws on any other countries,

Not to transmit any messages, information, data, text, software or images or any other kind of material, in violation of the laws of the Albanian Republic, international agreements in which the Albanian Republic is a party, other international agreements and laws of other countries, in a manner that is offensive, threatening, insulting and profane, abusing or harassing, qualifying as tort or slander, rude, vulgar, derogative or violating the confidentiality rights of another person, or in any other manner requiring the USER’s legal and criminal liability,

Not to represent before 3rd parties any persons or businesses, including, but not limited to the owner/owners and officers of this WEBSITE, as if he is their representative or state that he has a relationship with these persons and businesses in a delusive manner that may cause a confusion in the mind of the public,

G. The WEBSITE is not an addressee of any law or criminal case arising from the use of the WEBSITE. The WEBSITE is not liable, either directly or indirectly, for any damages, losses, costs and any other claims that may arise from the actions of the USER's or third parties. 

H. The USER hereby accepts, declares and undertakes to pay 100,000 $ (One hundred thousand dollars) to the owner of the WEBSITE, TIMAK SHPK as penal clause for each violation, in case he does not comply with his obligations under this agreement, and that this penal clause is not exaggerated and that he will not demand its reduction from the courts. 


ARTICLE 3: The WEBSITE shall not be held liable for the following under any circumstances:

A. The WEBSITE shall not be held liable for any incidental damages occurring by risk or indirect damages (including, but not limited to, damages arising from profit loss, interruption of work, loss of software or data), arising from the use or non-use of the WEBSITE, any procedure, service, information, data and any other type of material provided over or downloaded from the WEBSITE, or a delay in such information or service, even if the WEBSITE or its authorized representative has been notified.

B. The WEBSITE shall not be held liable for any claims arising from errors, omissions or other faults in the WEBSITE and/or material or information downloaded over the WEBSITE. 

C. The USER is obliged to ensure the good operation, maintenance, updating of all telephone, computer hardware, and all equipment required for internet and computer security and for access to the site and use of the site, and for all kinds of charges, taxes and any other monetary liabilities for such equipment. The USER is fully liable for any damages, any cases and claims that may be incurred by the USER because of not complying with these obligations.

D. In case the USER violates any article of this agreement due to his access to the WEBSITE and use of the WEBSITE, he shall be liable for all losses, expenses, damages and costs arising from this violation, including case duties and expenses and attorney’s fees. The WEBSITE is not liable to any of the above under any means whatsoever. 

E. The WEBSITE reserves the right to disclose the current or past USER or WEBSITE data, by the ruling of a judicial authority, or in case the WEBSITE deems this necessary, in case of determining that the USER’s account is being used for illegal actions the presence or the availability of credible evidences that may justify this. 

F. The provisions on the use of the site and compensations may be alleged against the USER by the employees, representatives, licensors, sponsors of the WEBSITE also, for an on behalf of their own.


ARTICLE 4: Being aware of the global nature of the internet, the USER hereby agrees to comply with all local laws and other legislations including, but not limited to, the rules on internet, data, electronic mail or confidentiality. The USER especially agrees to comply with the laws and other legislations in Turkey and the country where the USER is residing at. 

ARTICLE 5: The laws and legislations of the Albanian Republic shall govern in the resolution of any disputes between the parties arising from this agreement, in the execution and construal of all or parts of the agreement. The parties accept this unconditionally. 

In the resolution of disputes between the parties arising from this agreement, the courts and execution office of Ankara shall be authorized. 


A. The failure of the WEBSITE in demanding the execution of any article of this contract does not constitute a waiver of any provisions or rights. 

B. Neither any behaviors between the parties nor any commercial practices, and traditions and customs, shall play any role in the revision of any provision of this agreement – with the condition of keeping the WEBSITE’s right to revise the agreement reserved. 

This agreement made up of 6 articles has been entered into between the USER and the WEBSITE and shall survive throughout the period the USER uses the website.

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